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Welcome to the Rover Journey! Within this portal lies an interactive programme for Rover Scouts embarking on their adventure through Rovering. Here you will be spoilt for choices as you choose from the wide range of activities to do in and around Singapore!


The Rover Journey aims to provide a holistic and comprehensive guide for Rovers to experience a challenging and enriching journey of Scouting.


The Rover Journey comprises of 2 award schemes, Rover Milestones & Personal Masteries, that recognises progression in personal development and expertise in various domains respectively.

Rover Milestones

Rover Milestones

The Rover Miles provides a flexible modular system which a Rover can pursue in accordance to his/her interest and capabilities. 5 domains have been established with a non-exhaustive repertoire of activities.

Personal Masteries

Personal Masteries

The Rover Journey encourages Rovers to pursue their areas of interest and attain a high level of expertise and experience in these areas.

The Rover Journey acknowledges unique skill sets and expertise afforded by Rovers which is beneficial to both Scouting and his life.

Starter's Guide

What is the Rover Journey all about? Take a look at this short introduction video to better understand the Rover Journey before embarking on your own! Pick up new activities you have never done before or improve on the skills that you have already acquired. The possibilities are endless. Start your journey now!

Rover Guide

Interested in embarking on an adventure of a lifetime? Take a look at this video and try out the interactive portal created for your very own Rover Journey. Explore and choose the modules on offer to begin your journey

RSL Guide

For Rover Leaders only! Here you will run through on how to use the RJ Portal as well as to how to administer the programme effectively to the Rovers! Take a look at how you can view modules, comment on them and assess the module submissions from your Rovers. Have fun!

To complete the Guide, leaders will have to fill in the questionnaire:

Interested to find out more? Take a look at our extensive list of modules as well as the framework and idea behind the Rover Journey.

All you need to know about RJ from modules, framework and guides.

Submit any suggestions for new Rover Journey modules here!

Know more about the Educational Objectives of Rovering and use it to shape your Rover journey.

I am currently a lone Rover Scout within my group and have no RSL to validate my modules. How will this affect my Rover Journey?

No worries! Should you not have an RSL/ARSL within your Group, you will be automatically be placed under the care of your Area UDLs overlooking the Rover Section.

How long will I take to complete the Rover Journey and attain the Baden Powell Award?

On average, Rovers will take up at least 3 years to complete the Journey. Have fun!

I have done activities with my school which are not covered in the Rover Journey, is it possible for me to suggest new modules?

Yes, you may suggest new modules.

I am unclear of the requirements of a particular module. How and who can I clarify with?

In many cases, the validating leader should be your first source of clarification. If not, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] to feedback and clarify the issue.