Are there any age limits for Rover Scouts?

Rovers are between 17 to 26 years of age. This age requirement is in line with World Organization of the Scout Movement recommendations, as our programmes are catered to youths within this age group. If you are younger, you can join either our Cub Scouts, Scouts, or Venture Scout sections. If you are a little older, you can join as an Adult Member, volunteer as an Adult Leader, or join the Seniors in Scouting section.

Who can be a Rover?

As long as you’re between 17-26 years old, anyone residing in Singapore can join, regardless of your nationality, race, religion, or gender.

I have no previous experience with Scouting, as I did not join the other sections when I was younger. Is this a problem?

This is not a problem. We have many new Rovers who join us with no Scouting experience. You’ll be able to pick up any skills you need and understand the Rovering culture in due course, as long as you are willing to give it a try and put in your best effort!

I was with a cub scout/scout/venture scout unit previously in my school days. There is no Rover section there, but I want to partake in Rover Scout activities! Help!

Impeesa Rover Crew is a holding crew for Rovers with no crews from their original units who would like to experience Rovering. Maybe you can even start your own Rover Crew back at your unit after gaining enough experience there! Just visit the 'Find out more' page & enter your details.

What does registration as a Rover entail?

Rovers have to pay a yearly $12 membership fee. This qualifies you for participation in all our Rover activities & makes you eligible for subsidies for all activities. Non-Rovers who wish to join our activities will pay full price.

If you do not already have a Crew, we will advise you and link you up with a Crew based on your preferences and Crew availability.

Do I need to wear a uniform? Why?

The Rover Scout uniform is required for certain formal and ceremonial events which require it. Wearing a Scout uniform and the distinctive neckerchief/scarf is an indication of your membership of the Singapore Scouts Association, and signifies that you are part of a worldwide sibling-hood of Scouts. However, you wouldn't have to purchase a uniform right at the onset. Instead, purchase a scarf which you can wear for activities & start having fun :)

How often will I need to wear my uniform?

This depends on the nature of activities you are partaking in, and the Rover Crew you are part of. Most physical activities or expeditions are done in comfortable and sensible attire instead of a Scout Uniform and many Rover Crew meetings are casual affairs not requiring the uniform either, so it would depend on your Crew and activities you choose to attend

What is the amount of time commitment required for my membership?

Once again, this is up to your Rover Crew. The frequency of meetings is up to them. If you are heavily involved in different activities & projects, you can expect to devote more time to Scouts. Furthermore, you might find yourself engaged in physical recreation, learning a new skill, or doing community service on a regular basis.

At this age, you have other commitments to your pursuit of higher education, or your job, family, etc., and your Crew will also respect this. Your involvement is voluntary and you are in control of how much time you want to spend on Rovering.

What kinds of activities can I expect?

Rovers participate in activities at the individual, crew and national level, as well as joint activities with non-Rovers. These activities can be adventure-related, service-related or just plain hanging out and chilling. Check out our activities page for more info!

How is this different from the Ventures Scouts and Scouts activities?

As Rovers are older, the activities we undertake can be of a bigger scale, or riskier. For example, expeditions can be held overseas or take the form of difficult mountain treks, kayaking/cycling expeditions and anything else that you can think of.

Do I have to be away from home often?

You will have to be away from home if you are camping or on an expedition. How often you camp is really up to you. Not everyone has to go for camps either, though camping in the outdoors is a great experience!

Are there opportunities for overseas trips?

Yes there are. With a massive international community of Rovers, you can participate in international projects, expeditions, conferences, workshops or Moots (incredibly fun Rover camps).

What safety measures are in place?

Our Scout Leaders conduct risk assessments before carrying out activities. As a Rover, you will also come to be aware of the safety of yourself and your peers & learn to take the necessary safety precautions.

What are the costs involved in being a Rover Scout?

No doubt some money must be spent in a few ways.

  1. Registration fees: S$12 a year
  2. Fees for any training courses/activities (we try to subsidize these as much as we can & use Scout resources whee possible to lower the cost)
  3. Rover Scout Uniform (available at the scout shop): less than S$100 (you probably won't have to purchase this so soon)

Financial aid is available to offset some of these costs.