We are a community of youth, committed to furthering our development and that of like-minded individuals, with the vision of creating a Better World for all of us to live in.

We seek plenty of excitement & fun in our activities!

With our roots firmly grounded in the Scouting Method, Rovers are part of a global network of young adults who seek to develop themselves through Adventure, Service & Fellowship!

There are currently no upcoming events

Always on the move, Rovers crave the taste of adventure more than others. Rovers are encouraged to embark on adventures of their choosing, ranging from the simplest to the most challenging.

Our Rovers take part in cool adventures such as scuba diving, kayaking, mountain biking and sailing, amongst others. And if none of these capture your interest, you’re encouraged to organize an adventure of your own & we’ll support you as best as we can!

Rovers do plenty of things to help those around us. Some of the projects we do include working with our brothers & sisters who have special needs [Project Rigel] & turtle conservation [Project Orion].

Service is more than doing a good deed a day. It is about impacting the community and making a difference to those around us, through how we interact with the people we meet. Embark on a service project with us!

One essence of Rovering is about making new friends & forming gut-busting friendships. You will meet new like-minded people who will share the same values of which scouting upholds.

Our most lasting friendships are the ones where we go through thick and thin together. And this is what Rovering is about. The adventures we share and our diversity, bonds us together.